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For many decades this drug has been very actively used in medical practice, namely in the treatment of breast cancer. It is equally popular among consumers of anabolic steroids, although Tamoxifen Citrate is not classified as anabolic. The fact is that this drug helps to combat the manifestation of estrogenic side effects that are inherent in most anabolic steroids. Very often it is used as part of post-study therapy of PKT. It is necessary to start PCT 3 to 6 weeks after the end of anabolic steroid administration. This therapy helps to significantly accelerate the recovery of natural testosterone production, which was suppressed during the administration of hormonal anabolics.

In the base the product contains the active substance of the same name: tamoxifen is a synthetic antiestrogen developed in the 20th century specifically for medicinal medical application. This is approved for administration to humans because, in controlled administration, it is characterized by a predominant benefit over side effect: it is not steroid, the type of toxic or narcotic, causing consequences, drug.

In terms of therapeutic practice, particularly breast cancer treatment, there are 6 most common courses. Their average dosage is 10 – 20 milligrams of active ingredient per day. The amount of the drug should be divided into two doses. The duration of the course is individual and depends on the clinical picture. As a rule, Tamoxifen citrate is taken until the malignant tumor finally recedes, but also after cure the drug is not stopped and taken for prevention and prevention of recurrence.